Established on 29th August, 2018. Skills Acquisition Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization in Ghana registered at the Registrar Generals Department and also Ghana Social Welfare Department.

 It was originally registered as Skills Acquisition Fun Club but changed to Skills Acquisition Foundation due to social work and international collaboration.

 We fight poverty and improve better life globally through education by means of talents skills and creative artworks.


Education And Outreach

At Skills Acquisition Foundation, we work hard to spread the level of education in all aspect of the life of children. There are many children who do not find the value of education as a result of poverty. 

Talent Support

Skills Acquisition Foundation has partnerships with clubs and social centres that train and develop the talents and skills of the youth. As part of our vision we support these children through these areas with all kinds of support for a child to have focus with his talents to become great in future.

Volunteer Exchange Program

We engage students and people from all race and field around the world to volunteer to share with us their skills, talents and new creative ideas to empower our children and community. Also to create a chance for people to gain exposure elsewhere through our volunteer exchange program.

Community Development

Since everything we do is as a result from the community we come from therefore, we seek the opportunities around and how we can develop the environment with available resources. We invite the leaders and parents of the community to hold workshops about entrepreneurship businesses, to educate them how they can make use of the resources to overcome poverty.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build the talents and skills among all children from different culture and background in the community and globally.

Our Vision

Our vision is for all children to gain equal right to education to empower themselves to overcome poverty and also to have access to all resources available to make a better future. Also to build upon people’s potentials in order to share their skills to the community as well as globally.

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Daniel Owusu
Paul Brodner
(Exchange Program Officer)
Akwesi Agyapong
(Volunteer Coodinator)
Flora Preisinger
(Networking & Social Network)
Kwame Opoku
(Tourism & Housing)
Julia Victoria Hanandez
(Public Relation Manager)
Victoria Horgli
Elena Tietze
(Project Organizer)
Eugene Nti Nyarko
(Internal Auditor)

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Never thought there were so much history and great privileges in our culture, after many times performing culture dance and attending programs I realized there are so much in Africa.
Emmanuella Dogbe
Haven motivated by leaders with great vision I took a stand to enjoy my football skills. Being footballer as a girl is a great thing in the society. With support I believe I can do it too.
Jessica Delali Suka
Since 2014 I took part in Orchestra with Musiker Ohne Grenzen has gain me the opportunity to participate in ten (10) different concerts around Accra. My instrument is Cello and I have been able to play much music. It is a skill I have acquired as a young girl, and I love it and still playing.
Kassim Fawziyah
The number of Children in the world
living in extreme poverty today.

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