At Skills Acquisition Foundation, we work hard to spread the level of education in all aspect of the life of children. There are many children who do not find the value of education as a result of poverty. Therefore, we reach out to the less privilege ones in paying of their school fees and provide for their educational materials. We connect with schools and interact with parents who cannot afford education to their children.


Skills Acquisition Foundation has partnerships with clubs and social centres that train and develop the talents and skills of the youth. As part of our vision we support these children through these areas with all kinds of support for a child to have focus with his talents to become great in future. Such clubs or organizations are Football clubs (boys and girls), Orchestra, culture dance, craft work. We believe as a child focus on his desires and work towards it great impact will occur and benefit the community.


Since everything we do is as a result from the community we come from therefore, we seek the opportunities around and how we can develop the environment with available resources. We invite the leaders and parents of the community to hold workshops about entrepreneurship businesses, to educate them how they can make use of the resources to overcome poverty. So that in the future children will adopt and to reduce to pressure of always seeking funds. We believe if continuous education is done can change the attitude of our community members.  


We engage students and people from all race and field around the world to volunteer to share with us their skills, talents and new creative ideas to empower our children and community. Also to create a chance for people to gain exposure elsewhere through our volunteer exchange program. We understand equality among humanity; therefore all persons can come to work together to achieve one goal to make a better world.

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